Sudden Changes

A few weeks ago life was beginning to make sense again. For the past two years our family has suffered a great deal of loss. The loss was related to ministry and relationship changes. Coping with change is not easy but everyone knows that change is necessary for progress. Trith is, walking with God is a call to a life of change leading to greater experience with Him. There are times when we are forced into change when it is our desire to live within the will of God.

Three months ago we, as a family, made one of the biggest changes requiring great faith and a willingness to leave behind many people very dear to our hearts. The decision to relocate to California was a family decision because we wanted to give our children greater opportunity. Of course, my wife’s family resides in California. This decision came with a great deal of sacrifice. My wife (Jen) and I had to give up job, ministry and all of the benefits associated with our source of living. Another difficult part of the decision was making sure that my mother and sister were OK with our decision who lives in Louisiana. We would be leaving family, church and dear friends whom we love dearly. These changes were difficult but planned and gradual.

Understand our family. God has given Jen and I four precious gifts that mean the world to us in our children (Shenia, Chantrell, Gabriel and Jordan). Each unique and gifted in their own way. We celebrate each of them. Shenia enjoys a successful career working for a non-profit seeking to cure cancer. Gabriel us a senior in college pursuing a career in music and business. Jordan is a senior in high school in the gifted program who will be singing in Carnegie Hall in February 2017. Chantrell graduated from UL of Lafayette December 2015 in business management. We celebrate them for who they are and their accomplishments.

Changes can happen suddenly. after moving to California which was really the dream of Chantrell life began to make sense again. Although she didn’t want to leave her grandmother and other family in Louisiana she really wanted to return to be with family in California and pursue her career. In July that part of her dream was realized. For the past three months I there was a renewed joy and optimism visible in her. Her passion for life was greater than I had seen before. No one would have believed she was suffering from pulmonary hypertension a disease she was diagnosed with in 2009. She has been fighting for a while but she was really enjoying life again.

On October 11 everything suddenly changed. Chantrell suffered severe heart failure and spent the next two weeks fighting for her life in icu an Desert Valley Heart Center. On October 22 she transitioned to be with the Lord. Sudden Changes. She w as 26 years old but lived a full life. Quiet, gentle, intelligent, kind and a unifier are only a few words describing her character that exceeded her outward beauty. We thought we would have her here for a much longer time but our God had a different plan.

Life has changed for our family forever. Faced with going forward how to do that is the quandry we suffer. We know she is better now and are grateful to God for the time we had with her. But the change is too sudden. Planning her life celebration only makes it more difficult. 

Thank God for family and friends who have been a tremendous support. My family and I want to say thank you to all who are praying for us during this most difficult time in our lives. Your expressions of love and concern reminds us of the significance of Trell’s  life. Your kindness and generosity has been a tremendous help during this time. Many have inquired about the possibility of making donations. We have an account at Lafayette Schools Federal Credit Union in New Iberia and donations can be deposited there just mentioning Jennifer or myself. Or, you can mail the donation to 18111 Yucca St Hesperia CA 92345. We want to express our gratitude in advance for your kindness. Thank you all and God bless.

Everyone goes through sudden changes but when they lead to dreams being realized as much as it hurts you can still praise God.


2 thoughts on “Sudden Changes

  1. It’s amazing how God can use you to uplift and encourage others as you go through your own personal pain! He truly is the source of our strength!!! Continuously praying for you all…
    Much love to my family!


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