That which is in secret shall come to the light. The cover up has been completely exposed in this presidential election  and the consequences will greater than one can imagine. This nation has always suffered from the issues exposed in this election. Racism, sexist, inequality, greed, etc. are all part of the character traits baked into the cake we call freedom and justice for all. The 2016 election gave us no new revelations about this great nation however it simply provided the platform for what has been seething in this melting pot for years. 

We heard the statements which should have triggered certain alerts. “Make America great AGAIN”, “Take OUR country back” were a part of mainstream conversation driving the definitively focused group of well established masterminds. We must remember that nothing just happens. This was the result of a well-organized, strategically planned movement waiting in the underbelly of the American gutter ready to pounce on a crumbling governmental and political system. The plan was to catch the system at its most vunerable point and seize the power.

The tipping point began eight years ago with what was called the greatest election in the history if America when this nation elected it’s first MINORITY president. He, like so many AMERICANS, were never and will never be considered equal. The forecast for the 2016 election was set on the date of the inauguration of January 2009 when the elite politicians sworn to uphold the constitution refused to attend one of the single most historical events of of this nations history. They purposely chose the position of obstructionist uniting to stop anything set forth by the first African-American president. Forget that he was elected to the office during the worst crisis in this nation since the 1920’s caused by their already currupt leadership. Both government and the nation was already  divided and the election of 2008 and 2012 was designed to expose the existing corruption. 

It was my belief that the election was a greater part of God’s plan to expose what’s driving everything unsettling about this nation being described as the greatest nation on the face of the planet. There is a principle that must never be forgotten and that is no nation is greater or different than its leaders. The greater part of this nation is corrupt and motivated by unchecked power and greed. The election of Barack Obama was not going to change that but would rather embolden them in their pursuit to return to the days of supremacy after proving, by their  obstruction, that, according to them, he was an unfit president. Look at the contrasting results revealed in the 2016 election. The last eight years the White House has been without major scandal that would cut at the core of the moral fabric of this nation. Now we have a president whose life is mired by one moral and ethical scandal after another in every area where morality and civility is required to lead this great nation.There is really no comparison between Barack Obama and Donald Trump when it comes to moral and ethical matters. But choosing Trump as his successor speaks to the reality of the character of America as a nation. Can this be proven? 

Yes. Just look at who was responsible for electing Trump. The largest group responsible for electing Trump were evangelical CHRISTIANS. What an oximoronic predicament. Those compelled to love all based on their relation with Christ are the perpetrators of a message of hatred and inequality. Hatred towards anyone that does look like them and the disposition of superiority to those who are non-white and female. This was not about policy but about race and gender equality. They have violated their own core of stated beliefs in choosing Trump. Evangelicals as a whole have a serious problem with individuals in leadership who have been divorced. But they chose Trump and all those connected to him. They proclaim a message of inclusion but based on the idea that they are the only ones qualified to lead. It wasn’t about emails at the core it was about Hillary being a woman. Evangelicals do not believe, as a whole, that women should hold those positions they consider usurping authority over men. Emails created the best cover up without having to discuss the real issue. They mount pulpits and other places of leadership under the banner of love but hold positions of divisiveness and hatred. To them privilege is inherited possessed of rights not to be equally shared by all. They claim to fight for family values and the good of all people as long as it doesn’t infringe upon their inherent rights and privileges. 

It is no doubt that race and hate mongering groups were responsible for the results of this election. They wanted their country back and that’s no secret code. White supremacist aren’t the only hate groups in this country but those who deny the the oppressive struggles fostered by a nation that deemed them as unequal and half-human is just as much a hate group. Those who are willing to sacrifice the majority of their own people for self-gain can be characterized as hate-mongers. Hatred and greed comes in many forms and is often accompanied by dire consequences. The core character of America has been uncovered and it’s not as simple white, black, Hispanic or otherwise it’s really about love and hatred for the same core values relating to greed and power. The secrecy of the voting process allowed many to hide behind their decision for Trump. It’s their right but it is also revealing. You cannot be for Trump without owning his ideas and policies.  Decisions  to support inherently connect us to the originator. This is not done in partiality but as a sum total. Those who support Trump are not availed of the opportunity to chose which ideals they can parse but they are forever connected to the totality of Trumpism. Whatever happens going forward must also be owned by those who elected Trump. The moral decay of this nation must now be borne by all.

The media, in all forms must accept it’s part as well. Hillary out spent Trump by enormous margins but this was not by accident. Trump was given more free media than any candidate in the history of elections. Good or bad publicity promotes the candidate and his ideals. The desire for sensationalism that drives the storyline is at the heart of what the media gives exposure to and Trump certainly provided that sensationalism whether he believes everything he said or not. The media provided the platform for exposing the world to his self-developed reality experience. Ratings indentify influence and how that influence is used shapes idealogy. We would have never known the idealogy of Trump if the media had not exposed the nation to them in such a profound and unscrupulous manner. Social media has no accountability measures meaning that people can share whatever they desire without being checked. No accountability unleashes the worst in people in ways that are unrestrainable and irrevokable. Words can never be taken back and they leave a lasting impact. Whether one agrees or dis agrees with Trumpism what he has spoken cannot be forgotten. What he has previously said will be factored into every decision he makes going forward.

Let me speak to my African-American brothers and sisters. It is not that you voted for Trump, if you did, that concerns me. It is what you had to compromise that does concern me. Whether you agree or not it is undeniable, in my opinion, that you could not do so without denying both heritage and core principles of our people. Greed and selfish-ambition has always eaten at the root of unity among our people but at what price. We lost the battle when we stopped looking out for the interest of those mired in the struggle with us. If money, fame and power means that much that you would overlook or disregard the sufferings and afflictions of our pioneers you must be willing to accept the criticism and consequences that come with decision. If , or perhaps when, the mechanisms of oppression and inequality are reestablished or reinvented under this present regime you must own your part in making it happen. 

The church is not innocent in all of this. I draw the distinction between Evangelicals and the church as a whole to make a definitive point. Social media has been bombarded with the statement that the outcome doesn’t matter because God is in control. There is absolute truth in that statement but it is not all pisitive. God is in control, He is sovereign, He is omni in every capacity but contained in his sovereignty is also His judgment. God’s judgment is uniquely different from human judgment. God has the ability to give you what you desire as His means of judgment. In 2008 we elected a president who was a confessed, but imperfect (like all christians) Christian .  In 2016 we elected a president who declared that h e has done nothing that requires forgiveness. In other words, he is never guilty of wrongdoing. Imagine having a president who governs from this pisition. Why is this so critical. America was supposedly founded upon Christian principles which positions the church in a very precarious position. We are supposed to be the standard barriers. Look at the church in America. Places of worship have become the source of our nation’s greatest entretainment disguising their cover charge as tithes and offerings. Preachers have become proficient business moguls and newly recognized star entertainers. Competition has is the driving force behind exponential growth but minimalized spiritual growth. We go to get our praise rather than becoming, ourselves, a praise unto God. We use tragedy and community violence to bolster personality and ministry drawing attention to self rather than God. Preaching is viewed as a profession rather than a calling and the proclamation of the Gospel because of ill-prepared prognosticators more concerned with their brand than saving the lost. Nowhere in the Scriptures does Jesus promise that He would make the world a better place nor did He give that assignment to the church. In fact Scripture reminds us that worst is coming, love would wax cold, hatred would rise, morality lost, covenants broken and evil succeed. The Gospel was designed to rescue individuals from such ills not make the world better. Remember the words if Jesus, preach the Gospel to every creature. Let’s get back to what matters.

There is no need to fear or be anxious over the present circumstances of America or this world God us in control. Donald Trump is president by the elective will of the people and permissive will of God. All the power of the president and Congress are subject to the sovereignty of God. Just in case you need a reminder remember all world leaders who have passed this way. Even after being exposed to the worst of what exist in our nation let us rise to the occasion a be that nation that represents the best of humanity. Don’t lose sight of those imfamous words spoken by the most illustrious First-Lady to reside in our nation’s greatest dwellinfpg, “When they go low we go high”. Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people. Doing the right thing is always  the right thing to do. Perhaps, now that the Midianites have invaded the land we, as a nation will really cry out to God.

Author, Shawn Watson


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