Life can bring sudden changes, both good and bad. You must be prepared for both. However, you must never allow one moment to overshadow the next. Today marks one month of our Daughter Chantrell’s passing and it has been the greatest tragedy we have had to face a a family. Honestly we still have not figured out how to handle it and probably will not for quite some time. But God is faithful when He promises to be perfect strength in our greatest weakness. Trell’s death has forever changed the way we look at life.

Every moment must be accoounted for and lived in faith like it’s your last. But tragedy should not create ambiguity where optimism is concerned. On the day of Chantrell’s life celebration we received news that Jordan, our youngest, was accepted from a list of global participants to be a part of Carnagie Hall’s Honor Choir program in February 2017. And Gabriel, our oldest son, has been blessed with several open doors. It’s amazing bacause Trell and Jordan shared a passion for singing and she was hoping to share the experience of seeing her brother sing at Carnegie Hall. i suppose she’ll have a better seat than I will.

You see, grief and Joy are often traveling companions in this ife and if you spend too much time focusing on one you will miss the importance of the other. What I have learned is that grief is very painful and difficult to handle, particularly alone. It forces you into a vacuum for a moment with the intention of helping you focus on what is really important. It rminds you of the brevity of life and how significant it is to center yourself in the will of God and His purpose for your life. It is also the perfect antecedent to joy. Weeping may endure…but Joy comes.

Here is what’s often missed. Tragedy and opportunity walk together in the life of every dreamer. Ask Joseph the Dreamer. Don’t underestimate the significance of the difficult times and don’t overlook the oppotunities that abound when tragedy hits. The journey of the dreamer is an intriguing one and it is a trip everyone should take.


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