The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For

It’s Sunday morning and the time of expectation is drawing closer. It’s what you been preparing for and anticipating all week. Hours have been spent behind the desk writing and researching, closed in solitary confinement with a listening ear with much meditation. Cognitive energies have been exhausted but spiritual refreshment and enlightment has been the result of tireless but uplifting work. It’s now time to deliever to a crowd, large or small, waiting with both suspicion and expectation. Some curious and judgmental because they aready doubt who you are. Some not really concerned because they just showed up out of religious obligation or because it is socially practical to go to what they define as church. Anxiety and distress has driven some there becaus they are in search of a quick fix but not a real life change. There are those who are overcome by your charisma and ability to move them emotionally. For some this is the best form of entertainment they have ever witnessed. In that same crowd are the faithfully committed you can count on them being there no matter what. And there are those who have come because Dod alone is there objective. 

In church edifices all across the globe the audiences vary with all types of individual who have come for various reasons but here is the significant issue.  THEY ARE THERE AWAITING THE ARRIVAL OF ONE WHO HAS DECLARED THAT THEY HAVE BEEN CHOSEN TO REPRESENT GOD.Whatever their motivation you have their attention. Some broken because of life’s tragedies. Some wealthy and some poor but they are sitting before you. Some struggling through the agonies of life’s realities and searching for direction for future expectations. They are there and God has so orchestrated that they have opportunity to receive something from Him and you, PERACHER, ARE THE ONE HE CHOSE TO DELIVER WHAT THEY NEED TO KNOW. 

THIS IS WHY PREPARATION IS NOT A WASTE OF TIME AND TIME SHOULD NOT BE WASTED IN PREPARATION. The preaching moment is not a time of emboldening the preacher in their own self-conceited ideas about their own abilities as if the people really come to see or hear you. Regardless of how gifted, talented, charismatic or anointed you may be or feel you may be, this is not your time to shine. IT’S GOD’S TIME TO SHINE THROUGH YOU. During the week of preparation there is one critical thing to remember before Sunday comes and you take charge of the pulpit to engage the people; less of you should have emerged from the solitary place of preparation and more of God should be revealed when you stand to deliver. Never forget that God chose you to REPRESENT Him. He didn’t choose you to take His place. 

There are some critical questions you should ask yourself when you have completed the assignment. Did they see me or did they see God? Did they hear me or did they hear God? Were they more complimentary towards me or was there a greater curiosity concerning God? If you wait with patience all of these questions will be answered by a living reality of life transformation. Be it for some it may be gradual or for others it may happen quickly but if they are encountering God through your appointed assignment transformation will be the result. Let me give caution about two more matters.

  1. All results should be left to God.

  2. You cannot be to people what only God has reserved for Himself.

Stand strong, preach with power, continue to prepare and watch God.



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